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America Needs
President Trump


Chris Rose proudly endorses President Trump 

Throughout American history, we have been blessed with some of the most courageous leaders and staunch defenders of freedom the world has ever known. From leaders like Washington to Jefferson, Lincoln to Coolidge, and Reagan to Trump, America has become the greatest nation on Earth. We have an opportunity to help one of these great American heroes finish what he started, and that is none other than President Donald John Trump.

President Trump is the greatest president in our lifetime and arguably in American history. He accomplished so much for the American people despite having to deal with a Congress that fought him every step of the way. President Trump secured our borders, cut taxes for American families, rebuilt our military, renegotiated trade deals to benefit America, and put the economic policies in place that brought many jobs back to our country while creating millions of new ones. To describe President Trump's first term in one phrase, it would be "Promises Made, Promises Kept." I am proud to fully endorse President Donald John Trump for President of the United States once again.

President Trump deserves to finish what he started, and this time we must elect him the help to the US Senate, which both he and the American people deserve and need. We must send President Trump true MAGA conservative firebrands as reinforcements for the America First agenda. Imagine the greatness that America can accomplish under the leadership of President Trump if we can replace the Washington Uniparty with America First patriots. Together, President Trump and MAGA Republicans will solve the issues that we face as a nation and usher in the next era of American prosperity.

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