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A government that is truly for, by, and of the people would never enact an unaffordable and unconstitutional healthcare insurance scheme on the American people. When Democrats pushed through Obamacare like a thief in the night, that is exactly what they did. The United States has the best medical practices and medicine in the modern world. Shouldn't this assure Americans that they have the world’s best and most affordable health care?

As your next United States Senator from West Virginia, I will push for a total repeal of Obamacare and stop this communistic governmental attempt to take over your healthcare. In order to lower healthcare costs for Americans, we must provide healthcare tax benefits and incentives to individuals. We must make meaningful reforms to expand Health Savings Accounts and allow individuals to purchase insurance across state lines. We must enable state reciprocity to allow Americans to seek their own doctors and care. This will allow a free market to thrive and lower costs while increasing the quality of care.

We must cut down on excessive costs by reducing bureaucratic red tape. We must empower the doctors and, more importantly, the patients, to have more control over the healthcare they receive. If we do all of this, we can make healthcare more personal, portable, and affordable. We can accomplish all of this while protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions and keeping children on their parents' health insurance while attending college.

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