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Border Security and Illegal Immigration

The southern border remains unsecured, and illegal immigrants are entering our country at record rates. Joe Biden and the Democrats' policies have allowed millions of illegal aliens the ability to break our laws, traffic drugs (fentanyl, cocaine, meth, and heroin) into our country, contribute to rising crime rates, and take jobs away from hard-working Americans. President Trump and the Republicans were building the border wall, and President Trump's policies had reduced illegal immigration and drug mule activity to levels that we haven't seen in decades. Under the failed Biden border policies, Border Patrol is completely overwhelmed. According to reports, nearly all border patrol sectors are at or near full capacity, with some sectors having double, triple, or even significantly higher levels of overcapacity. Allowing our southern border to remain wide open and allowing millions of unvetted people into our country is reckless, dangerous, and a serious threat to our homeland security.


As West Virginia's next US Senator, I will oppose any attempt by the Democrats to grant amnesty so that our communities are safe places to live, work, and raise a family. I will propose legislation to finish the construction of the border wall and to secure our border with the National Guard. This will allow ICE to effectively do their job and deport every illegal immigrant in this country. We must close all loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to receive federal (taxpayer-funded) benefits. We also must reform our legal immigration system. We need a migration policy that focuses on an immigrant's skills instead of being primarily based on their family relationships. We are a nation of immigrants that has a rich history from all walks of life, but illegal immigration is unfair to everyone who has come and wants to come to the United States legally. We can continue to be the last great hope and bastion of freedom for all of mankind, but we must protect our national security and sovereignty in order to do so.

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