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Ask President Donald Trump to Endorse Chris Rose as U.S. Senator from West Virginia

Happy President's Day to the greatest president of our lifetime, President Donald John Trump.

As we celebrate President's Day and look back at the great leadership that has forged our great nation, we must also think about America's future. From Washington to Jefferson, Lincoln to Coolidge, and Reagan to Trump, America has had some of the most courageous defenders of freedom that the world has ever seen. In 2024, we have an opportunity to give one of America's greatest presidents the chance to finish what he started. President Trump accomplished so much for the American people despite a Congress that made every attempt to stand in his way. Imagine what greatness America can achieve if we re-elect President Trump in 2024 and send him the help in Congress that America deserves and needs.

West Virginia has a golden opportunity to elect a true conservative firebrand to the US Senate that will help President Trump advance the MAGA (America First) agenda. Chris Rose is arguably the strongest supporter of President Trump and the MAGA movement and is proud to fully endorse President Trump for President of the United States once again. Chris believes that there is no one better to lead America through the challenges that we face as a nation than President Trump.

Joe Manchin absolutely has to be defeated in 2024, but we must get his replacement right. We cannot afford to send another member of the Uniparty to the US Senate who will talk a good game on the campaign trail only to cave in to the Washington establishment once elected. It is time to look past the career politicians and those with big donors and name recognition and put our trust in one of West Virginia's native sons from our working class. We must elect Chris Rose as our next United States Senator and have West Virginia lead the way in the next chapter of the America First movement.

Today, I am asking you to reach out to President Trump and ask him to endorse Chris Rose as the next United States Senator from the great state of West Virginia.

West Virginia needs a leader who can champion the America First agenda and deliver for our fellow Mountaineers. Time and time again, Joe Manchin has shown himself to be nothing more than someone who seeks to make deals, which never seem in our best interests and do not align with the values of most West Virginians. It is time that the forgotten voters of West Virginia have a true voice and a seat at the table in Washington. That voice is Chris Rose.

Click here to contact President Trump and ask him to endorse Chris Rose for U.S. Senate.

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