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Restoring Election Integrity & Public Confidence in America’s Elections

Since the 2020 election, ballot harvesting and mail-in voting controversies have marred races in multiple states.

Americans' confidence with election integrity has now diminished to the point it can’t be ignored. Before 2022’s midterms, multiple national polls suggested confidence was at a new all-time low, dropping 17% since 2020, with only 42% of respondents having "some confidence" in our electoral system as of July 2022.

Kari Lake, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate, is pursuing legal action to investigate how Maricopa County conducted its elections: Maricopa’s elections have been called into question for four consecutive election cycles dating to 2016.

An argument can be made that the USA didn't have as many controversial issues when our elections were conducted on secure paper ballots. Much has changed since pregnant, dimpled, and hanging chads delayed the 2000 presidential election in Florida.

US Senate candidate, Chris Rose understands Congress must respect states’ primacy in elections, but for the sake of our Federal Republic, state legislators must step up and modernize elections to ensure integrity and restore public confidence. However, Congress can pass legislation to increase federal criminal penalties for election fraud.

More digitization in elections isn’t needed, rather we need to return to traditional methods. With exceptions for military personnel, the ill and disabled, a return to in-person voting on secure paper ballots and presenting identification when voting can help restore public confidence whereby the results are clear, respected, and trusted.

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