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When West Virginia elects Chris Rose to the US Senate in 2024, conservatives can have confidence that an America First candidate will work to restore our country's security, energy independence, and regain our position in the world as an energy exporter. 




Chris Rose has a message for the Uniparty in DC AMERICAN ENERGY has an advocate with Rose for Senate!


Coal can fuel America again.

As a West Virginian who grew up and worked in our southern coalfields, Chris Rose experienced the destruction and despair that the "War on American Energy" caused our Mountain State and our country. He knows that directly and indirectly, millions of hard-working Americans have had their jobs taken away from them and have been left behind and forgotten by a federal government that pushes a duplicitous globalist climate agenda. "I will be the voice that these forgotten voters, workers, and business owners deserve and desperately need." - Chris Rose

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Together, we will always put America first and ensure that Mountaineers and Americans will always be free.


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