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MEET Chris Rose

MAGA/America First Candidate for US Senate

Chris Rose is a fourth-generation coal miner who was born and raised in the southern coalfields of Appalachia. Chris grew up in McDowell County, West Virginia, and, along with his family, lived through and witnessed the economic damage and decline from decades of governmental overreach and regulations. The War on Coal destroyed many businesses and communities, and many of Chris' family, friends, and loved ones were forced to move away from the Mountain State to seek employment. Chris and his family decided to stay and fight for West Virginia and its coal and gas industries, and that is a fight that he continues today. 

Growing up, Chris always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and continue the family tradition as part of the next generation of coal miners. After graduating from high school and while attending Bluefield State College, Chris' mining career began with the same coal company that his father and grandfather had both worked for their entire mining careers. In 2012, during the peak of the Obama Administration's War on Coal, Chris graduated from Bluefield State College with honors, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology. After graduation, Chris and his wife, Amber (a registered nurse), had to relocate to north-central West Virginia so Chris could maintain employment and continue his mining career. During his mining career, Chris held numerous positions that ranged from skilled union labor to positions in management. Today, Chris works as an electrician for a power utility company in a service territory that relies heavily on coal-fired power plants for its electricity.

Chris began his advocacy for the coal and natural gas industries while attending Bluefield State College. While at BSC, Chris was one of the founding members and the first chairman of the Bluefield State College Republicans. After graduating from college, Chris continued his activism by campaigning for political candidates that promoted conservative values, defended our constitutional rights, and were supportive of the coal industry, including several media interviews on behalf of President Trump's 2016 and 2020 Presidential campaigns. Chris is a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment. As an avid outdoorsman, a lifetime member of the NRA, and a member of WVCDL and GOA, Chris understands how important our right to keep and bear arms is to protect the rest of our constitutional rights. 

Chris is running to be your next United States Senator from West Virginia because, like many of you, he is tired of career politicians and elitist bureaucrats that put our country last. The establishment prioritizes lobbyists, special interest groups, and other nations above the American people. Our country is dealing with record inflation that is eroding away the middle class; unsecured borders with an endless flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into our country; supply chain issues; unsecured elections; and the continuation of outsourcing American jobs to other countries. Instead of addressing these issues, our nation's leaders focus on sending hundreds of billions of dollars to other nations and attacking our constitutional rights. 

Chris Rose is an ultra-MAGA conservative and political outsider who stands with President Trump and believes we must always put America first. Chris believes that it is time that the working class had a seat at the table in Washington. The political class had their chance, they failed, and now it is our turn. Chris will be the true voice that the everyday West Virginian rightfully deserves and so desperately needs. A vote for Chris Rose is a vote to put America first and to ensure that Mountaineers will forever be free. Chris Rose is West Virginia's Blue-Collar Conservative. 

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