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Election Integrity

It doesn't take a genius to look at the 2020 presidential election and notice something just isn't right with our elections. With ballot dumps that arrived like a thief in the night and ballots that continued to appear days after the election, as well as evidence of voting machines switching votes, one thing is perfectly clear: we need our state legislators to pass election integrity reform.


As Americans, we take pride in our Republic and our right to free and fair elections to decide our representation in government. Many Americans are questioning the COVID-era changes to our elections, and rightfully so. These changes allowed too many loopholes to stuff ballot drop boxes, and along with the cyber security threats of other nations manipulating voting machines, too much doubt was cast on our election process.


We need to go back to having an election day in this country. We should not have to wait days or, in some cases, weeks to get the results of our elections. We must implement common-sense security measures such as voter ID and signature verification on absentee ballots and put an end to mass mail-in voting. We must encourage in-person voting, with the exception of deployed military personnel and people who are very sick.


To have free and fair elections, our country must stop using voting machines. As they leave us vulnerable to potential cyber security attacks that can compromise our elections. Our elections must be conducted on secure paper ballots that cannot be duplicated or manipulated. We cannot allow the voting irregularities that occurred in the 2020 election or the 2022 Arizona election to happen ever again.

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