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Lower Taxes/Tax Reform

With inflation crippling middle-class families throughout our country, America needs real tax reform now more than ever. By adopting a flat tax, or the Fair Tax, we can simplify our nation's tax code, close all tax loopholes, and eliminate the need for the IRS. Americans deserve to be able to keep more of their hard-earned money, and it is past time that Congress enabled them to do so. Whether we move to a flat tax or the Fair Tax (retail sales tax), we must ensure these three things:

1) Income should be taxed only once.


Americans pay taxes when we earn our paychecks, when we save, when we invest, and when we buy products and services, and the government wants half of what is left after we die. Real tax reform, whether it be a flat tax or a fair tax, will only tax income once.

2) Income should be taxed at a single fixed rate.


Both the flat income tax and the "Fair Tax" (consumption tax) will tax income at one flat rate. No one should be punished for their financial achievements by being taxed at a higher rate because they work hard, get a promotion, receive a raise, take a second job, or work overtime. All income should be treated equally. If everyone is taxed at the same rate, it keeps the politicians from playing their favorite tax game: divide and conquer. This will ensure that politicians face a united taxpayer front when they want to raise our taxes.


3) A constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds super-majority vote for any new or increased tax must be enacted.


A constitutional amendment requiring a super-majority of two-thirds to raise taxes will protect taxpayers from tax hikes. Currently, there are 14 states that require a super-majority to raise taxes. Why shouldn't the American people have the same protection from rapid tax increases on the federal level? Any tax reform must include this constitutional protection against taxes creeping back up or old taxes coming back from the dead.

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