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Education and School Choice

The United States was once the world leader in education. We had the highest test scores, literacy rates, and graduation rates. Fast forward to today, and the United States ranks 12th in education, and we are continuing to fall even further behind. The public school system receives more funding than ever before but currently provides very low-quality education to our children. The Department of Education, through federal programs such as "common core", controls and chooses every word in every text book that your children will read. They do this without their parents permission and ignore their input. Federal bureaucrats are trying to indoctrinate our children instead of educating them. Instead of focusing on what made America the best in education to begin with (reading, writing, and arithmetic), they want to push woke ideologies like CRT (Critical Race Theory) and "Transgender Studies." These topics promote anti-American sentiments, handicap the ability of teachers to educate, and there is no room for them in the classroom with our children.


The quickest and best way to improve the quality of education in this country is to restore parental rights and introduce good, old-fashioned American capitalism into the K–12 education space. I propose to abolish the Federal Department of Education in its entirety and return education back to the parents and teachers that know a child's needs best. We must free up the federal and state tax dollars set aside for each child's education and allow that money to follow the student to whichever school (public, private, charter, or home-school) that parents see fit. This will create competition between the schools, encouraging them to work harder to earn the opportunity to educate your child. This will also lead to higher pay and better benefits for educators as school systems compete to hire them. School boards will finally listen to the voice of reason and value parental input because they will no longer have automatic enrollment of your child into their school systems. Another way to increase education choice is to expand savings plans such as 529 College Savings Plans to include K-12 elementary and secondary school tuition. The implementation of these plans will empower parents to make the decision that’s best for their child’s education.

I call on Congress to ban CRT and "Transgender Studies" from being taught in public schools, our nation's military, and at universities that receive federal funding. We must also ban colleges and universities from being able to require these "studies" in order to obtain any degree.

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