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Parental Rights and School Choice

West Virginia's public education system is in shambles and is letting the parents and students of West Virginia down. Our state's public schools currently have the lowest test scores in our state's and nation's history. To provide a better life for our children and attract new economic opportunities, we must turn this around quickly.


West Virginia needs to expand the educational choices that parents have for their children. Alternatives to the public educational system, such as charter, private, Christian, and homeschooling programs, are all great ways to help your child receive a more quality education at a more efficient cost. The WV Hope Scholarship was a great start, and is something that we can build upon to reach the goal of school choice for all West Virginians. I will introduce legislation that provides universal school choice and empowers all parents to send their children to the school of their choosing.

Child protection laws are another important issue that must be addressed. The radical left is trying to indoctrinate our children with CRT and "Transgender Studies," along with other age-inappropriate materials in our public schools and libraries. Legislators must help parents fight back and pass legislation that cleans up our public schools, protects our children, and restores parental rights. This is an issue that many of our political leaders have ignored for too long. We, the people, are tired of words and no action. West Virginia deserves a Senator who will do more than talk.

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