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Agriculture is West Virginia's and America's original industry, and it has never been more important than it is today. West Virginia farmers feed our state and great nation, and our agriculture industry has so much untapped potential, we just need to get the government out of their way. We need representation that will protect West Virginia farmers and their land from an overreaching federal government that tries to tell our farmers what livestock they are allowed to keep or what type of crop they are allowed to plant. The EPA harasses our farmers by trying to regulate ditches that run through their property. As Senator, I will work with my colleagues to fight back against these unconstitutional regulations and unleash the full potential of West Virginia agriculture.


We also face a growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party buying up American farmland and controlling our food supply. This is a huge national security threat and an attack on our way of life. As Senator, I will introduce legislation to prevent China and other hostile nations from buying land in West Virginia.

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