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Energy Independence

We need a US Senator who will work to make America energy independent again.

America's energy independence is vital to our national security, our economy, and combating inflation. America’s energy supply should be stable, diverse, affordable, and produced right here in our own country. We must continue to work to increase the exploration and production of coal, natural gas, and oil, along with the further development of nuclear energy. We must get American oil companies back to full productivity to restore our country's energy independence.


When elected as your next US Senator from West Virginia, I will introduce a bill on the Senate floor to increase leases on federal land and get big government out of the way so oil companies can do just that. By unleashing American energy, we will create millions of good-paying jobs, drive down energy costs, and take a huge step in tackling inflation.


We must also end federal subsidies for "clean energy." The American taxpayer has been forced to invest over $100 billion in wind and solar, and we have seen a poor return on that investment. Wind and solar cannot replace coal or natural gas as our electric grid's base load energy, for America would suffer continuous rolling blackouts. If these are the two energy sources of the future, they must do so in an open and free market while standing on their own two feet without governmental assistance.


In an open and free market, I will take the coal miners, gas workers, and oil workers of West Virginia over failing wind and solar companies any day.

Chris Rose is an American energy advocate who has ideas and views to lower energy costs.

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