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West Virginia Energy

West Virginia's coal, oil, and natural gas industries are vital to our state because they create over 100,000 jobs and support many families that these great-paying jobs provide for. West Virginia's energy is also vital to our national security, our economy, and combating inflation. West Virginia can be an energy hub for the entire country and lead the nation's way back to energy independence. We must continue to work to increase the exploration and production of coal, natural gas, and oil.


When elected as your next State Senator, I will introduce legislation to end all current state taxpayer subsidies for "green energy," introduce a resolution demanding that Congress reign in the out-of-control EPA, and promise to never vote to fund the "Green New Deal."

West Virginian and American taxpayers have been forced to invest over $100 billion in wind and solar, and we have seen a poor return on that investment. Wind and solar cannot replace coal or natural gas as our electric grid's base-load energy, or America would suffer continuous rolling blackouts. If these are the two energy sources of the future, they must do so in an open and free market while standing on their own two feet without governmental assistance.

In an open and free market, I will take the coal miners, gas workers, and oil workers of West Virginia over failing wind and solar companies any day.

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